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Hub Security – In the technological and advanced business world, there is a growing need for business information security services.
These services help maintain classified materials that include: organization data, files, documents, photos, etc.
For, there are also cases where higher-level security is required for companies that hold more sensitive information.

what are we doing?

Hub Security specializes in providing customized consulting services and solutions in the areas of cyber information security, and IT and OT infrastructure. For over 15 years, the consultation and accompaniment will be performed by experts with extensive experience in projects in Israel. The unique services we provide are the product of decades of experience and learning in providing advice to customers through the construction of information security systems tailored to the organization’s business goals, combined with offensive knowledge in information security.

Our experience

is a leader in consulting, implementation and integration, information technology research and specializes in providing information and cyber security solutions, software infrastructure management, backup storage and business continuity. The company provides unique solutions to customers in the Israeli IT industry, while adhering to the highest international schedules and standards.

What do we offer?

Business Information Security Services

Performing penetration tests

Penetration testing, protection against ZERO DAYS, infidelity, encryption, Trojans, phishing, spyware, etc.

Standard Iso 27001

An international standard dealing with information security management

Privacy Protection Regulations GDPR

These regulations have created a leap forward in the level of personal information security in our country.

Information security in the cloud

Information management and security in the cloud

SOC services

Security Operations Center is a security solution that integrates various processes of technology systems that detect suspicious events in systems

HIPAA Regulation

The purpose of the HIPAA standard is to maintain the privacy of medical information about patients.

Response team to cyber incidents

Consulting in setting up storage and backup sites, and building a response team for information security events.

Information security management

CISO services – accompaniment and provision of information security services to organizations

Conducting risk surveys

Conducting risk surveys in the field of information security

The Importance of Business

The Importance of Business Information Security Services
First, due to the fact that the business and corporate world is not only made up of large businesses, but also made up of businesses from the private and public sectors that include high-tech complexes, marketing networks, logistics centers, factories and corporations and small businesses.

Businesses that hold confidential and classified information that includes personal information of customers, medical information of customers, bank account details and means of payment, etc. We can not exist without a comprehensive security system that includes information security that combines humanity and computerized systems capable of providing a general sense of security to the business. Against break-ins and thefts, filtering and controlling business assets and any other threat from various parties.

Another importance is that business owners store on the company’s servers or in the cloud a lot of information that may find itself at risk when a cyber attack occurs.

A professional information security company

Every business information security company knows that access control for the various systems must be handled, password hardening, frequent backups that are checked once a period, experience restorations and appropriate information security operations.

A professional, reliable and experienced information security company for businesses knows how to adapt the security system to the requirements and needs of the business.