Cyber ​​attacks in 2021 – the real increase?

Items that open the news release, extensive articles on dangers and damages, many companies understand that it’s only a matter of time – the rise in cyber attacks in 2021 is much more noticeable, and whether the numbers are drastic compared to last year or not, the discourse around them is healthy and right.

It’s not that in previous years there were no cyber attacks, the opposite is true, but that this year’s attacks hit the soft underbelly of many organizations and left them battered with immense damage. Shirbit, Voice Center, many local authorities, are just part of this list.

Dikla Vered, director of the cyber division at Experis, has dealt with these attacks throughout the year – whether in response to incidents, providing constant protection and repelling expected attacks or in training and strengthening organizations’ security systems.

In an interview with Walla, Dikla revealed her angle and conclusions in dealing with the rise in cyber attacks and the dangers that the post-Corona period brought with it.

“We do see an increase in the number of attacks in the last year, but what stands out most is the horstylism and the various forms of attack developed by the hackers,” she explained.

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Are there different types of attacks?

“Yes. In the last year the infidelity attack has been starring, in which hackers capture the information and ask for a sum of money for it, but not always the motives for these attacks are economic. Besides, there is an increase in phishing attacks and targeted attacks. For break-ins. ”

That is, the employee sitting at home is more vulnerable to attacks from self-defending organizations?

“Yes, definitely. The employee is actually considered the weak link when it comes to information security breaches, because in the end it can be a very basic and small human error, but enough through it to get into the organization and the sky is the limit.”

So how can this situation be prevented in the first place?

“Every company has its own solutions, but let’s look at small organizations. Every company today has a website, through which you can hack and disrupt all business operations. Such a business, can perform a penetration test and check that its site is protected and there is no way to hack into it. “Hack with the help of experts and make sure that when the real hacker tries to break in, he will have no way. Larger companies already need managed services and 24/7 monitoring of their activities, to prevent break-ins.”

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So there are more attacks, but are there also ways to prevent them?

“True. Information security solutions are suitable for any organization, small or large. We adapt the response to the needs of each and every organization.”